Patch note des nouvelles compétences

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J'ai trouvé ce patch note en anglais sur le site de nos confrères fan allemand :

Je le traduirai dès que possible.

Each class may now gain access to three new unique skills! However, these skills can only be learned through the acquisition of mysterious items…

• Darkform (Level 10): Using this skill transforms the Summoner into a demonic being, exchanging the use of weapons for vicious claws. This skill also passively allows the use of dual focus items. 
• Dark Lord (Level 15): This skill passively grants a chance on successful attacks to summon up to 3 Shadow Minions to aid the Summoner. 
• Dark Offering (Level 20): Using this skill sacrifices a Shadow Minion to unleash a powerful attack against all enemies within range. 

• Arcane Resilience (Level 15): This skill passively decreases the Shield Recharge Delay. 
• Bone Wall (Level 20): Using this skill creates a temporary, destructible Wall of Bone at the targeted location. 
• Spectral Serpents (Level 30): Using this skill temporarily summons 3 Spectral Serpents to fight for the Evoker at the targeted location. 

• Drone Aggressive Mode (Level 5): Using this skill toggles the Engineer’s Drone into an aggressive mode, increasing its awareness as well as its movement speed. 
• Ghostly Strike (Level 30): Using this skill commands the Engineer’s Bomber Bot to detonate on the targeted enemy, phasing the enemy for a long period of time in addition to causing severe damage. 
• Spider Mines (Level 10): Using this skill creates an autonomous Spider Mine that seeks out nearby enemies and detonates. 

• White-Out Grenade (Level 15): Using this skill throws a grenade that explodes with a blinding light, disorienting all enemies caught within it. 
• EMP Blast (Level 30): Using this skill creates a controlled electromagnetic pulse, removing all Shields from nearby enemies and temporarily preventing their natural Shield Recharge. 
• Camouflage (Level 15): Using this skill requires there to be no enemies near the Marksman, but camouflages him while in Sniper Mode, preventing enemies from detecting him as long as he does not perform any actions. Camouflage also remains for a short duration after the Marksman attacks. 

• Templar Restoration (Level 5): Using this skill expends active Surges of Restoration to heal the Blademaster and all nearby friendly targets. 
• Balance of Power (Level 30): This skill passively causes all successful Hamper attacks to steal power from the target. 
• Crusader Wrath (Level 15): Using this skill requires and expends three active Surges of Wrath to temporarily empower the Blademaster with wrathful energy, greatly increasing Damage at the cost of Armor. 

• Aura Stability (Level 30): This skill passively allows the simultaneous use of up to three auras, as well as increases the effectiveness of the Guardian’s auras. 
• Prayer of Smiting (Level 30): Using this skill calls upon the power of the heavens to strike down all nearby enemies. 
• Shield Throw (Level 15): Using this skill throws the Guardian’s Shield, bouncing between enemies to deal extra damage.


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